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Happy Month-a-versary!

The Kids Write is a month old this weekend! In that time, we’ve shared more than 140 stories from amazing kids who live in 10 countries around the world. What are kids talking about? Well, they (mostly) miss school and their friends. They’re happy to spend time with their families. They’re bored, but finding ways to…

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“I wrote a novel”

Hi. My name is Cam. I am 14, and I live in Beverly Hills, Michigan. The weather here is wacky! Just a few days ago, it was snowing, and yesterday it was over sixty degrees! I miss my family more than anything, but I have three siblings to hang out with. I also play a…

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(Pause game)

Note from Jeni: Even as we all do our best to stay at home, it’s a busy weekend for many families here in Canada, and around the world. Time to take a little break. We’ll be back with more stories tomorrow! If you enjoy reading these stories, please share this website so that we can…

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