Hi, I’m Jeni. 

I know a bit about being a kid. I used to be one, 1.745 billion years ago. But then I grew up, and now I have two kids of my own: Seve (10) and Juno (8). You might see their posts around here. We all live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

How did this website start? Well, when the Coronavirus started to spread around the world, and schools started to shut down temporarily to keep people safe, I went from being a regular mom to being a regular mom who had to teach her kids stuff.

I’m a writer, so the very first assignment was a no-brainer: write 50 words every day in a journal. I told my kids they could write about anything they want: what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, what they miss … just so long as it was 50 words.

For their second assignment, they had to send postcards to family and friends around the world. Cool idea, but it takes a really long time to get a letter back.

That’s where this website comes in.

It’s a place for kids to share their stories about what life is like for them right now. So that we can learn more about how everyone is doing, and remember that we’re all in this together — no matter where we live.

Interested in being part of The Kids Write?

Check out the Send Us Your Stories page for more info on the kind of things you can write about, and how to send it to us. Please remember to tell us how old you are, and where you live.




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