“The shadow rose in front of us again …”

This is the third part of Lily’s story! You can read the first and second parts here:
1: I turned it around and took my own picture …
2: Did the camera bring you here?

“Who, who,” the girl asked. “BE QUIET” the shadow boomed. Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the dark woods. He sat me down next to an old palm tree. Wait! A palm tree I thought this was the woods. Then I heard a thump and the girl landed next to me.

The shadow rose in front of us again then he boomed. “Which one of you has the camera?” The girl as sly as she was said none of us the camera disappeared one night. “Your lying!” He boomed. I shuddered. “We have not yet stolen these camera’s so where are they?” He yelled angrily. At last, the girls said, “They are wrecked, broken in the other woods.” “UGHHHHH, AGHHHH” The man yelled. Then he grabbed both of us by the arms and ran, ran into the palm tree woods.

We were still running when I suddenly felt a hand grab my tee shirt. I whirled around to see the girls pulling me over to her. Then she whispered, “We’re doomed!!”
(to be continued)

This was written by Lily (11), who lives in Dakar, Senegal.


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