“I practice writing my name everyday”

Hi my name is Reagan and I am 4 years old in Indiana. Preschool is over and I miss it.

We’re not allowed to go because of the Coronavirus. That’s a germ that makes you sick. The germ attacks your good parts and you have to go to the hospital but you probably won’t die.

We can’t go any places because we might catch it or spread it. Instead of school we stay home now. My teachers make good videos on the ipad of reading stories and activities.

My favorite activities have been blowing big or small bubbles and making a bird feeder. I practice writing my name everyday.

When Coronavirus is over I hope I get to see my friends because I like them. I want to see my cousins too because we play kitchen and happy meals together and it’s so fun.

I miss happy meals too and I wish I could go there and get french fries soon. This is funny about happy meals, the M is made out of French fries. Did you know that? I looked at the sign and guessed that because I’m smart.

This was written* by Reagan (4), who lives in Indiana, United States.
* with an assist from mom 😊

United States

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