Happy Month-a-versary!

The Kids Write is a month old this weekend!

In that time, we’ve shared more than 140 stories from amazing kids who live in 10 countries around the world. What are kids talking about? Well, they (mostly) miss school and their friends. They’re happy to spend time with their families. They’re bored, but finding ways to keep having fun. Sometimes, they’re worried or scared … but they keep on wishing the kind of big wishes that kids do best.

To celebrate our first month, we’ll be (re)sharing 10 of the best stories on our other channels today: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more new stories, and if you’re a kid with a story to tell, please send it in. Let’s keep sharing, and listening, and learning together.


— Jeni

This was written by Jeni (47), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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