“I turned it around and took my own picture”

Hi, my name is Grace frontier I live in California, I’m 14 years old and go to Memorial Middle school and I’m, well I’m the creep in my school I’m interested in old things and love old cameras they’re so cool. But everyone else thinks it’s weird and that’s my loss,
well one day I found a very interesting camera one that might mean life or death!

One sunny morning at memorial middle school I found a small old camera near my locker and well guess what I thought it was amazingly cool. I clicked down the button and FLASH the camera took a big photo. Wow, I thought it actually takes pictures I turned it around and took my own picture. Flash the bright light was blinding.

About 7 minutes later I opened my eyes I was standing in a huge garden. I looked around this was not my school, I did not know where I was. Walking in the garden I looked around, Suddenly I heard a loud CRASH. I whirled around. Eying I saw the camera hovering above me then CRASH the Camera fell on my head then Darkness.

This was written by Lily (11), who lives in Dakar, Senegal.


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