“Once upon a time …”

once upon a time a girl named Emma she was a really good at riding her dream was to be a trick rider and her horses name was Willow she loved her horse so much she had 3 other horses and there names were holly Leon sugar and she loved all of them so much

and then she fed the horses the next morning and gave them water then she went to school after school she walked back home to tell her mom something she got home and she said to her mom there is something at school Emma said what said her mom a horse contest what kind you show your talent and me and willow can trick ride together and it starts in 6 months OK you and willow can do it and i can help you two if you wont sure well lets go get started OK

3 months later she got really good 2 and a half months later Emma started to get very anxious because the contest was only 1 day away so she got reedy for the next day the next morning she got her stuff on and brought her horse into the trailer wen they got there every body was there then she got ready for her tern then they called Emma up and she was the last one and then it was time to see who won and then the person who won is EMMA. the end.

This was written by Launa, who lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.


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