“Caring is necessary but it is also a choice”

I think caring about our society is a choice you make for yourself. It isn’t obligatory but it is a very good thing to do.

Caring is necessary. Caring for your family, friends or even your society. When you volunteer to help in anything you always feel good after it because you know you have done something good for everyone. Caring could be shown in different ways. People can volunteer to go to poor countries and educate the children from there. Others dive in the ocean and collect plastic to help our planet and the water animals. Also not long ago people volunteered to go to Australia and help stop the wildfires. Or even just stay for a day with your grandma and make her feel nice, that’s also caring ! Even though it’s not obligatory to do, we should feel it’s necessary. My friend and I once went to the beach and we saw a lot of cigarettes and other plastic lying on the sand, we took some bags and bottles and collected some trash. No one made us do it, we just couldn’t keep looking at that trash and imagining how it would fly off into the ocean and maybe kill a turtle !

Caring is necessary but it also is a choice.

This was written by Mirriam, who lives in Valencia, Spain.


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