“Don’t lose your heads”

Hi, my name is johnny,

I am eight years old. I don’t like the Carona virus because I don’t get to see my friends and it sucks.

The good things are:

  • I get to play more video games
  • I get to spend more time with my family
  • I get to play lego more often
  • I get to play board games with my family
  • I like to play hide and go seek more
  • And I am probably going to get a kitten
  • And I don’t need to go to school. School at home is shorter.
  • And I get to play basketball in the front yard
  • And my recess is much longer
  • And I get to stay home more
  • And the food is better.
  • And I get to see my brother (16) all the time

Everybody stay healthy, don’t lose your heads and have a good day.

This was written by Johnny (8), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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