“I try to keep myself entirely informed”

Hi, my name is Bella! I love language, science, social studies and most of all; MATH! I’m ten and I live in Ontario, Canada.

I was kind of bummed out when I first heard schools were closing, because school is super fun to me. So when the opening of the schools kept going down month by month, I was sad. But now I’m getting used to the whole “homeschool thing”. I did my work when it was assigned or an option just like in school. I love learning and now I try my best to keep about 4 hours of my day for school-related things!

I have been baking with my family a lot now, it’s really fun! So I don’t really mind doing work at home. Although I’m pretty scared that soon someone I know like, my family and/or friends will catch COVID19. That’s why I try to keep myself entirely informed about COVID19.

To anyone who reads this, I have some advice, do your best to do your schoolwork (if you don’t like doing that, it still takes this pandemic of your mind even for a little bit). Also, have fun inside with your family and only go out when you need things. If you need interaction with other people, try chating with your friends online or calling them.

Thanks for reading this! We will all get through this together! Byeee!

This was written by Bella (10), who lives in Ontario, Canada.


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