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“It was fun so fun”

Today me and my sister set up are trampoline and it took a long time it took like 15 minuets after it was done me and my sister got to jump on it and it was fun so fun.I watched a movie called Doolittle.I played on my tablet too. I had a lot of fun…

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“I am not so board”

hello my name is Sarah i live in Canada Ontario. i am 11 years old and my birthday is in February and i am all grown up now. But with all this virus around its made me board mostly everyday. but i still have my little brother and older sister. that is why i am…

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“I like to think positive”

Hello  my name is willow and I am ten years old I live in Canada  and I don’t like Quarantine .I have been busy building LEGO but I like to think  positive I love  spending time with my family and we have convinced my dad to get a puppy  who is coming in September  just another thing to look forward to…

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