“It still feels empty”

Hi, my name is Elias and I’m 9 years old. I live in Vaughan.

I, like most people, feel lonely in my house and even though my family does go for walks it still feels empty.

My grandfather’s cousin is infected by COVID-19 and is very ill so it’s sad.

But there are some upsides like finally you get to hang out with your family more often. I also get to Skype with my piano teacher which is pretty cool but still COVID-19 is horrible and I hope it’s gone right away.

That’s it for how I feel. I’d love to see how you feel.

This was written by Elias (9), who lives in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.


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  1. I’m doing okay. I yelled at my kids the other day, which I don’t feel very good about. I think everyone is feeling pretty stressed out. It comes out one way or another. Now that the weather is getting nicer maybe I’ll start running again. It’s a good way to burn off frustration and energy! 🙂


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