“I hadn’t seen my mum in a month”

My name is Kylie, I’m ten years old and I live in Ottawa, Ontario.

I hadn’t seen my mum in a month because of COVID-19. She works as a oil miner at Suncore in Fort McMurray (near Edmonton) but because of COVID-19 she was stuck there for a month. She’s usually only there for 18 days and with me and my sister for 18 days, but she had to leave early because if her flight was cancelled she would’ve been fired and because of that she left 11 days before she had to.

Every day I have to worry about her not coming back alive but now I have another reason to worry. She works around a lot of people and rents a house out to some of her friends from work; She’s exposing herself so much and I’m afraid it’s too much.

My mum came back to Ottawa a couple days ago. Even though she’s here now she may not be here later, and that scares me more than anything else.

This was written by Kylie (10), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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