“This is a very tough time for our world”

Hi I’m Munroe. I’m 10 and live in Texas.

I understand this a very tough time for our world
because of this pandemic you can’t leave your house often.
because you can spread corona or get it
but there are some good things about this pandemic.
you can do activities more that you enjoy
like art, making music, baking, playing on your electronics
going in your back yard and much more.
This is also a time to become closer with your family.

This was written by Munroe (10), who lives in Texas, United States.

United States

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  1. Hi I am Clover and I’m nine years old.
    I would like to talk about how we are all in this together.
    It has been tough, but now we have the chance to have fun With our families and stay home.
    I am enjoying that I can do arts and crafts.
    I also like having time to play on my electronics.
    We have been playing outside in our back yard, having fun in the sun, and laying in the sprinkler on hot sunny days.
    I hope that’s this ends soon. I miss being with my friends.
    I hope everyone is going ok and fighting through this hard time that is tough for all of us.



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