“A girl like me needs to swim and dance and play”

Hi I’m Brigitte and I live in Toronto Ontario and I’m 11.

Honestly because of this whole quarantine stuff i have become restless. A girl like me needs to swim and dance and play. But don’t get me wrong i love reading and i have read a lot and this week I’ve been reading a book every 24 hours. Its so so so so so boring so my friends and i get together and play while social distancing (we are neighbours) we play a lot and I usually go swimming. I walk my dogs often, but its been so hot out I can’t take them for long walks now.

Plus I’m going to be completely honest. I.Do.Not.Like.School. Oh well, I bet some of you guys don’t ether but now if I found a genie and had a wish it would be to solve this and go back to school. I do hope I see everyone soon!!!

This was written by Brigitte (11), who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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