“Now with lockdown we have one more similarity”

Hello my name is leo I am nine years old and I live Dakar,Senegal. Not many people know Dakar they just know Africa but Senegal is a country in the continent Africa, Senegal has a capital called Dakar which is where I live. We have a lot of differences and also a lot of similarities and now with lockdown we have one more similarity.

So this is my life in Dakar, Like almost everywhere here I have a pool which I can swim in it whenever I want and as I have a pretty big house it is fun to play in here. As we all now everybody loves watching television but don’t watch it that often I just read books or listen to audiobooks or CD’s so that is technically all I do accept when I am doing school like everyone.

So that is all i do in a day except when I have holiday or WK so that’s the end bye see you next time!

This was written by Leo (9), who lives in Dakar, Senegal.


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