“I would be an elephant”

Hi my name is Clem I’m 9 and I live in London.

I have been finding lockdown quite strange. It’s making me try new things that I wouldn’t normally have time for and it means I spend more time with my family. It’s quite annoying sometimes but most of the time its fine, where I am it[‘s very hot like 25 degrees.

If I could be an animal I would be a elephant – I always think that in lockdown, so weird. Well, that’s my story meep.

This was written by Clem (9), who lives in London, England.


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  1. Hi Clem
    I would love to be an elephant too. I spend lots of time with my family too now. I sometimes fight with my brother. I live in Ontario, Canada.
    I am 7.
    bye for now.


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