“My dad still has to go to work”

Hi my name is Sam. I live in Oakville, Ontario in Canada. I am seven years old. I have 2 dads, 1 twin sister named Lucy and a cat named Winnie.

Dad Peter is a doctor and Dad Jon is an artist. My dad Peter works at the hospital in Toronto. He delivers babies. He always has cute pictures of small babies. Every bodys mom and dads are home but my dad still has to go to work. He says doctors will be ok because they wash their hands all the time. So I’m not worried.

My other dad makes big paintings. My favourite thing is making them with him. We got water guns and put paint in them and sprayed them on the painting. And then I told my class about it on zoom and we showed them the painting!

This was written* by Samuel (7), who lives in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
* with an assist from Aunt Lauri 😊


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