“Everytime she sees a mask she cries”

My name is Isabella. I’m eight years old living in Woodbridge, Ontario.

What is everybody doing at their house? At my house, I mostly play with my mom, dad, sister and puppy Honey. We also face-time with our cousins.

My little sister Siena cries all the time she gets very scared something bad will happen to my parents. I don’t think she understands how this all works. She is only 4 years old. I think the masks scare her. Everytime she sees a mask she cries. She always grabs me and cries. We have to ride our bikes outside so she is not scared of the outside anymore. Everyday we go with my mom and dad on bikes to see my nonno. We are trying to teach her not to be scared.

Sometimes when my parents go to get food I get nervous. I am always counting down the minutes to they get home. When I’m scared I just hug my dog and think good thoughts!

This was written by Isabella (8), who lives in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.


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