“When this is over I will live life to the fullest”

Hello my name is Ella, i’m 11 years old and I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I have two sisters, Selena and Vienna.

The first couple of weeks when we were just learning about how to work from home I thought that it was kinda cool that we didn’t have to go to school, but after 2 or 3 weeks in, I really started to miss my teachers and friends.

It took me a bit of time for me to realise that Covid 19 is serious and very dangerous if we arn’t careful.

As the weeks started to come I felt as my sisters were getting more and more anoying but everything started to smothen out after a while and even though it has only been 5 weeks in I feel like I haven’t seen my friends or gone to school in a year.

I remember being at school wishing I was homeschooled but know that I have that, I understand why we shouldn’t take anything or anyone for granted like school or friends.

The rules are slowly traping us in our houses but I know for sure, when this is over I will live life to the fullest and love everything that comes into it.

Love Ella

This was written by Ella (11), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 


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