“The whole world is paused”

Hi, my name is Prokriti. I am 11 years old and I am in grade 6. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Here are my experiences with COVID-19.

My Experiences With COVID-19

There is a virus going around called COVID-19.

Because of this, my school got shut down and my city is in quarantine.

The whole world is paused, nothing is moving.

At first, I thought this was going to be really fun,

So I could spend more time with my family, get more rest and watch lots of movies, read many books, sing, and dance.

Soon I realized that school has been closed for an uncertain time and started wondering when it’s going to re-open.

A month has gone by but nobody still knows when the schools are going to open.

On the internet, it sounds like we have to wait at least one or more years in social distancing.

That means I may not see my old friends again this school year.

COVID-19 has killed thousands of lives and destroyed many friendships because of social isolation and fear.

Due to COVID-19, everything has gone online and people became lonely.

These days people can’t interact with each other, afraid of meetings or making new friends and can’t trust each other because they are suspecting one another.

One positive thing that COVID-19 has done is that it let us connect with the birds, animals, the river, trees, snow, sun, moon, stars, the sky, clouds, rain, and the land.

This was written by Prokriti (11), who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


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