“Me and my sisters play roblox”

For me I get more work. And I can now carry some heavy stuff.

And also I now have a nintendo switch lite. I felt sad a bit when I swap my nintendo it was worth it. But in pokemon sword I am now the new champion.

But my brother still likes the things that he likes today. My littlest sister still likes to kind of be mean but she’s fine. And my middle is still a pal. Me and my sisters play roblox. Mom and and dad are with each other.

But we said goodbye to our lovely house. And now we are in the apartment until we get to move to our new house. My two siblings are with me. Its a little squishy but its fine. But now its my home. And I like it. 😊 THE END

This was written by Eliana (10), who lives in the United States.

United States

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