“I am okay you don’t need to be worried”

Hi, Im doing fine in the apartment put its very fun here.

So my big sister has been doing good she really likes playing her Nintendo switch. I am okay you don’t need to be worried. My littlest sister has been mean but good sometimes good but thats okay.

I have lots of work and I really want to have that meeting again very soon please.*

And I really miss my teacher and I want to talk to her. And I also want to talk to my friends about something. I want to do this white board math game where my teacher writes math problems and the kids have to guess what the answer is.

I just want us to have fun like talk about what we want to do when we help the world. And thats what I want to do. Love Evie. THE END. 😊

This was written by Evangeline (8), who lives in the United States.

* Note from Jeni: I think Evangeline is talking about a Zoom meeting I did with her mom, with special guest appearances from kids. 😊

United States

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