“If all the persons that are members of Earth give a little bit of their part …”

Well, the world is not a perfect place, but if all the persons that are members of Earth give a little bit of their part, the life would be better, the kids woudnt die because of hunger, the streets would be nicer, their will be plenty of smiles, and the people that couldn’t enjoy their lives in the past, they could see that there are a lot of manners to get out of this situation, in my own words, the people that haven’t got possibilities to enjoy, and one day they enjoy it so much, they could change their minds and starting looking for jobs, closing the past life, and starting another.

According to the dark peak gear webpage they say “One of the main things to bear in mind when approaching a homeless person is that they are in fact just that; a person. Helping the homeless doesn’t have to be difficult; all they might want from you is a little acknowledgement, compassion and to be treated like a human being. A homeless person might spend their whole day being ignored, so a smile and a simple ‘hello’ can go a long way towards improving someone’s day.”

I agree with the important message. We should not be treated like some people, but also add to the message it not only improves someone’s day, it improves their lives, their children’s career and they are always looking for happiness, this also includes “The first thing to do if you’re interested in helping the homeless to any extent is educate yourself, so you can gain some understanding of rough sleepers, without judging them.”

As you read these information about how is living in the streets, and what causes you to end up living in the street, I think you could train your body to don’t addict to alcohol, don’t let nobody do what they want to you, and be very careful to where you are going,and who are you trusting. In my opinion I was surprised for the reasons that people cause to be in the street, I only thought cause they didn’t have enough money, but no, there are things that I even couldn’t imagine.

This was written by Teresa (11), who lives in Valencia, Spain.


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