“There should be an obligation to help people”

I think that people should try to help out other people in their community if they need it, even if they are not related. Because if everyone helped, then you would feel that you had help if you needed it and help someone else if it is necessary. It would also create maybe a friendship between people also. This is why I think that there should be an obligation to help people in need of it.

If we didn’t help each other, people would become more independent. That could cause serious problems. What if someone was in huge trouble like they broke their leg and couldn’t drive? Then no one would help that person and that person might have to suffer a big injury. Even if family or friends helped, there wouldn’t be enough people to help in a big emergency or a global crisis.

For example in this situation where people are getting the coronavirus worldwide, many nurses and doctors are helping out those in need of assistance. If they didn’t help, the coronavirus could be going on for decades. Thankfully, it is the case that nurses are helping and allowing people to recover from injury.

This was written by Luke, who lives in Valencia, Spain.


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