“We wave and show signs expressing our thanks”

This Covid-19 crisis affects people in many ways. People use this as an opportunity to learn a new skill, to binge-watch their favourite show, and even to grow closer to their families. Most importantly, people have found time to connect with the community.

My name is, Amelia and I am twelve years old and in grade 7. I’m a mix of all. I’m learning a new language (Spanish), I love that I can catch up on my reading and watching. Reading really helps me escape from all this trouble that surrounds us right now (and I might even learn something). Below I put two verses from a couplet poem I had to write for school that I thought was fitting.

This boredom is like a cage.
The only escape is to delve into the page.

Words beyond words, lands from afar.
Far away, from trouble and fear.

As for interacting with other people, once again I’m a mixed bag. Every night at seven my family goes out to do a porch wave to our neighbours. Several families come out and sometimes strangers join in. We wave and show signs expressing our thanks to our frontlines. But I usually go in earlier than most of my family and neighbours. Part of this is the fact that there is no one my age, and the other part is that I don’t socialize that well with strangers. However, I do believe we are all going to have to stand together during this troubled time.

I am lucky enough that I have the chance to go outside and I hope (now that it’s legal,) that I will be able to go out on our boat. If you don’t get outside DO IT. The change of scenery from the walls of your room really helps.

So thanks for reading this, wash your hands, get some fresh air, and STAY SAFE.

This was written by Amelia (12), who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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