“She orders everything online these days”

I live in Elgin Ontario. Every day I wake up and watch TV while I am eating my breakfast. At 9am I start my schoolwork. I would rather be doing my work at school because it is easier, and it is nice to have the teachers help. I really miss my teachers and friends.

After my schoolwork is done for the day, I go outside and play with my siblings. I have three siblings and a dog to keep me company during this pandemic. I am so lucky! We go for walks and bike rides with my Mom too. I am reading this book called “Diary of a Whimpy Kid,” I am really interested in it. I hope my Mom can buy more books in the set soon. She orders everything online these days.

I can’t wait for this whole thing to be over and get my life back to some kind of normal.

This was written by Chloe (8), who lives in Elgin, Ontario, Canada.


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