“Try to have empathy for the other person”

Quarantine reflection #2

Have you ever felt lied to? Discovering that someone has lied to you is a very hard thing to assimilate, because you probably feel betrayed because you trusted that person and thought he/she would never lie to you. I found a quote that is really meaningful and really illustrates this: “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair”- Om Sharma.

This quote is really true and can really relate to real life because in most cases you will only truly trust someone after many years of them showing you they were trustworthy, but with something really small and really fast to happen like breaking a promise this trust could be ended, and depending on how big the thing was it would take more or less time to repair but it would always be a very long time before that person trusts you again.

Being untrustful could end friendships because being a trustworthy person to someone probably means you are very meaningful to that person, because they can trust you, and as it says in the quote trust takes years to build. And you may be able to trust someone all your life but usually people just end up letting you down, and maybe they don’t care but you probably do care and even though you might be friends again, that person will never trust you in the same way ever again. I personally have also lied to people and said things I shouldn’t’ve said and after that you end up feeling very bad and very guilty but you realize that there’s nothing you can do except to try to apologize.

That’s why next time you are going to lie to someone you should think about this quote and try to have empathy for the other person and try to think how they would feel if you did that to them, and for you breaking a promise to them 8isn’t that big of a deal but to them it’s probably a very important thing and they told you just because they thought you were trustworthy, so next time think about the effect of your actions on that person, and think twice before you do it!

This was written by Irene (11), who lives in Valencia, Spain.


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