“There are lines of tape to tell people where they are supposed to stand”

Hi, my name is Aresh and I am 11 years old. I live in Scarborough, Ontario.

I miss school because I want to play with my friends. I go outside and ride my bike with my dad (who walks) and my sister (who rides with me). We make sure that we keep social distancing since there is Coronavirus (A virus that spreads and causes a pandemic across the globe). It is important to social distance when people come because it saves your life and the other person’s life too. Coronavirus gives people mild respiratory problems, fever, mild disease, and more.

The prime minister and media all say that everyone should stay home, but if you need something essential (food or water), you have to go outside carefully. People say to stay six feet or more from other people. Places that everyone go to (Walmart) have a long line outside and there are lines of tape to tell people where they are supposed to stand. They also say to put gear to be extra safe such as a face mask, suit, or more.

Coronavirus is a pandemic that should be kept seriously. Some tips to help avoid COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is wash your hands a lot with soap (20 seconds) whenever you go outside or want to eat something. You should not go outside too much or go up to someone too close. Please stay safe until the cure for Covid-19 is found!

This was written by Aresh (11), who lives in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.


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