“I’m trying to watch them all by the end of quarantine”

I’m Claudia, I’m 11 years old ant tomorrow 30 of may I was supposed to celebrate my birthday even though my birthday is the 30 of July, but I can’t celebrate it. I hope we are not in quarantine when we are in the month of July. Anyways at least I’ll be with my family.

I’m a big fan of iCarly I love their show so I asked for a identical blue remote that Sam uses for creating BOOS😠OHHH🥺JAJAJ😂 AND TITLES OF THEIR WEB SHOWS. I also love some actresses and actors for example: Jennette Mccurdy, Nathan Kress, Victoria Justice,Liz Gillies and Matt Bennett. I love Nickelodeon’s series, I’m trying to watch all of them by the end of quarantine, I also play a game named Brawl Stars, i have 11657 cups or something like that, anyways, I had gotten into a fight with someone, and it turns out that she only talks to me about things that I don’t know or she asked me questions but it doesn’t matter because my other friends always help me I don’t know what will I do without them.


This was written by Claudia (11), who lives in Valencia, Spain.


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