“We don’t socialize as much anymore”

Hello! My name is Maxim, I’m almost 10. I live in Ontario, Canada.

Staying home isn’t the same as going to school. First of all, we don’t socialize as much anymore, second of all, this lock down has got people to not be as active as before this whole Coronavirus breakout started! But me and my family are still active, We still do many things to keep us healthy, such as playing soccer slightly outside our backyard, go for walks with our skateboards, scooters and bikes, run down and up the stairs MANY times if its raining or its too cold to go outside.

I learn a lot with “Online Learning” as it’s not the same as in-class. The bad thing about it, is that we look at the screens for many hours and that’s not healthy, but at school, its pencil and paper. Me, my classmates and teacher can still see each other through Google Meet (another video chat platform).

I hope we don’t have to stay at home for much longer!

This was written by Maxim (9), who lives in Ontario, Canada.


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