“I have also learned how to code”

Hi, my name is Leon, I am 9 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada, this is about what I’ve been doing all this time while Covid-19 has been here.

Some things I’ve been doing during this breakout is practising how to do stuff like Soccer in my backyard and rope skipping. We also go on walks with my family and similar things. I have also learned how to code (even teaching my sister). I play with my baby brother and we don’t really go to stores but my mom has to go for food and other stuff. I also study everyday and during that time I help my sister with coding and her schoolwork because. I sometimes meet my classmates & teacher on google meet.We talk with my teacher and some of my classmates about what we do while we’re at home and if we need assistance with schoolwork.

I hope we don’t have to stay at home for much longer.

This was written by Leon (9), who lives in Ontario, Canada.


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