“I’m going to be honest here”

“What have you been doing during quarantine?” We’ve all heard this question about a million times and our answer is always some made up lie about spending time with our family or doing homework, or really anything else that sounds productive.

My name’s Helena and I’m eleven years old. I live in Toronto, Ontario. What have I been doing during quarantine, you ask? Well… I’m going to be honest here. I’ve been doing whole fat load of nothing. I know it makes me look lazy but maybe if everyone was a little more honest I wouldn’t look so bad here. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my mom’s nagging I wouldn’t even leave the house (I love you, mom).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s ok to admit that you’ve been staying in your pajamas all day, scrolling a little too much on TikTok, and that you’ve only been doing half of your homework. So, come on people let’s create some realistic expectations.

This was written by Helena (11), who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Note from Jeni: This is the 200th story posted on The Kids Write! Thanks so much to all the amazing young writers for sharing their stories about life under lockdown!


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  1. I literally agree with this so MUCH. We are all trying to make it look like we are fine, getting lots of excersise, But… nope. Most of us just stay inside playing Minecraft and Roblox, and just stay inside watching movies and Tik Tok. Totally agree with you, Helena!


  2. Bravo! Helena
    It takes courage to be honest with ourselves and others. You’re right, if everyone is little bit more honest things would be quite different!

    Applause from your much older friend who hasn’t done much too during the lockdown;)


  3. Hey Helena! i am not sure if it is you or not that goes to Landsdowne and is friends with Lennon. But anyway I like your kids write!


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