“You might actually survive”

To all the kids out there who don’t have anything to do or you miss you’re friends, I get it but think of all the people who have it worse than you. What about people who are at more risk or who don’t have a home. I have a little song I wrote about all this that’s going on right now. But I won’t mention my friends names though. Here it is!

I loved you when things were on.
We never noticed what we had until it was gone.

If you tell me maybe I’ll remember.
But since we’ve all gotten dumber.

If this wasn’t a promise I bet you’d break it if I’m honest.
Don’t come to me when it’s all done.

It will all get better, I promise.

Is this a joke? We’ve got bigger problems than people that smoke.
If I say it they’ll come rushing through the door.

When the stars are still forming, I told you this is you’re last warning.

If you’re cautious, then you might actually survive.
But be careful, you shouldn’t dive

Tell me, what were you thinking?
Don’t come tell me that I was right and you were wrong.

I keep telling I hope you understand
We’re all in danger so don’t come to me and hold my hand

This was written by Eloise (9), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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