“I decided to learn how to cook”

Hi My name is Peter and I’m 10 years old from Toronto, Ontario.

My teacher told us to teach ourselves a new hobby and then present it online in our class. We are supposed to keep a journal of what we teach ourselves or learn because one day this will all go down in the history books. Some of my friends learned cool things. One friend learned how to plant flowers and another friend learned how to make origami.

I decided to learn how to cook. So far I’ve learned how to make: sunny side eggs, pancakes with chocolate chips, banana bread and grilled cheese. My dad said when pandemic is over he will try and find a cooking class for me for kids because I really am getting good.

For mother’s day me and my dad made my mom breakfast in bed. It was my idea to make her nutella banana pancakes and she said they are the best she ever tasted! We even made a heart out of cut out strawberries.

I would tell all the kids that it’s great to learn something new. Try to make the best out of being home and it wont make you think about how life has changed. It will probably make you happier!

This was written by Peter (10), who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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