“When I call nana she cries on the phone”

Hello My name is Adele and I’m 6 years old. I live in Kleinburg, Ontario. I have a little brother named Adam and a baby sister named Aria.

Me and Adam love to play outside on our swings. When it gets hot outside we are going to play in the pool. But Aria can’t go on the swing ’cause she’s just a baby.I always run around the yard but my brother can’t catch me.

I don’t miss school; I like playing at home! When I call nana she cries on the phone. Because she misses me and my brother and my sister. But I tell her don’t cry! When she cries then my mom cries! And then Aria cries! I dont cry! I’m a big girl and I say don’t worry! Think happy thoughts and pray to God! Ok going to eat a snack now!

This was written by Adele (6), who lives in Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada.


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