“It’ll be interesting to see how September unfolds”

My name is Isobel and I am 14.

If I had known the last day of school in Edmonton was going to be March 13 2020, I would have tried to prepare myself for the upcoming events. I mean, it wasn’t too hard for me to adjust to working from home, but there were times where I thought it was just a really bad dream.

Right now, I like learning from home because I get to go at my own pace. I can work ahead on things that I am strong at, but can spend more time on things that I’m not. As long as I finish all of my schoolwork by the end of the week, I’m good.

The only thing that I have been finding hard, is the fact that I am not able to see any of my friends in person, and I am not getting to socialize outside of group lessons. I really like to hang out with people that I know, so when I don’t get to do that, I can get really annoyed.

That all being said, I do get to call them all the time, so at least I get to see them virtually. To be honest, they are probably getting annoyed with how often i call them. Anyways, I can’t wait to get back to school. It’ll be interesting to see how September unfolds.

This was written by Isobel (14), who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


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