“I’m sorry COVID – 19 but I’m blocking out your calls”

( set to the tune of “Into the unknown” from Frozen 2 )

I can’t get you, and I won’t.
Some say you’re a myth, while others don’t.
There’s a 1,000 reasons that you should stay at home,
and ignore those people who say don’t worry
oh oh oh.

You’re dangerous, yes I know.
And if you weren’t here, which you are,
you wouldn’t be everywhere.
Everyone that lives with me is here inside these walls.
I’m sorry COVID – 19 but I’m blocking out your calls.
We’ve had quite the adventure, but it’s time to put it to an end.
I’m afraid that it is time to put a stop to you old friend.

Coronavirus! Coronavirus! Coronavirus!

Why are you here? Do you want to torture us?
Well if you do, there’s no need because we fear.
Or are you something like a really bad punishment?
Do know what you’re causing to the government?
oh oh oh.

Every day you grow harder, like a message we try to spread.
Sometimes I really wonder “what do you want?” again.
Don’t you know that this isn’t the way to go?

Coronavirus! Coronavirus! Coronavirus!

Are you out there? Do you know me?
Why haven’t I met you personally?
When will you tell me that this all a joke?
How do you travel alone?

This was written by Eloise (9), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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