“She makes a good mom”

I miss playing tag and hide and go seek and duck duck goose with all my friends outside at school. When I play house with my friends, I am the leader and always get to pick who is the mom and my friend M always wants to be the mom. I always pick her because she makes a good mom.

I get to play with my baby sister at home lot now. We play with her toys like stuffed animals and trains. I get to play with my big brother and big sister a lot now too since they can’t go to school. My sister reads Dogman books to me and I play soccer with my brother outside. I used to be just with my mom all afternoon while my baby sister took her nap. But we all play outside a lot now.

My daddy is home all day now. I don’t like him going to work all the time because I miss him. But now he is here.

My mom plays with us and we do lots of fun things outside like plant our garden and find worms. We’re going to go swimming too when our pool is open.

This was written* by Reagan (4), who lives in Indiana, United States.
* with an assist from mom 😊

United States

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  1. Aww that’s so cute I am currently stuck at home with my little siblings and they really want to go back to school maybe you guys could go out for a walk unless your city disallows it. My family and I go out before bedtime and we get a popsicle to cool us down.

    Best of wishes!


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