“In my spare time I’ve started a sewing business”

Hi my name is Willa and I’m writing from Ottawa, Ontario. I’m 11 years old and am in grade 5. I’m off school but I still have to do school work but, I’m still pretty happy that school’s out because there’s not as much pressure and you can choose your order and you can choose when you get to have breaks.

I still face time with my friends daily and I can still go out side so things aren’t so bad.

I mean my mom does works in pubic health and has to work all the time but, most of the time she works from home. I’m not that scared about COVID 19 because my mom provides a lot of information and the truth is most kids who get don’t even have symptoms and, most kids don’t even get it. The only people who can get really sick are older people.

The way we can help every one is to wash are hands as much as possible and to keep social distancing. One awesome thing that I get out of this is that I get to watch so much TV and I’ve gotten to read so many more awesome books, right now I’m in the middle of a really go book called Little Women.

I really hope that the summer camps will be able to open because I get to do all of these awesome theater camps in the summer. Also in my spare time I’ve stared a sewing business and it’s going really well!

I hope everybody stays safe and takes extra care of each other!

This was written by Willa (11), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.Β 


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