“I tell myself it’s going to be okay …”

Dear diary,
Today is Wednesday the sixth of May. The weeks are becoming months, I hate quarantine. I just wish everything could go back to normal, well at least my normal. I have grown so lonely, I have been talking to my stuffed animals… although they are very good listeners.

I have started focusing on the smallest things these days like a leaf 🍃 outside, how it moves in the wind 💨, then it lands and all is calm.

These days I tell myself it’s going to be okay but my heart doesn’t feel like that. It’s saying that nothing is right but i just have to think that everything will be better and then I will have positive energy. I don’t want others to be sad so I all I have to do is swallow that negative energy and breathe, because at the end of the day, I do know it will be okay.

This was written by Arya (10), “a Canadian kid living in Brussels, Belgium.”


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