“Life in lockdown is driving me bonkers!”

Life in lockdown is driving me bonkers! All I do is sit at the computer doing work for two and a half hours.

My family and I invented a saying called “having a day”. “Having a day” means you are a bit grumpy, mad, sad and just don’t want to work and just relax and stop doing things. I have had five days since this covid 19 started.

I have been missing school but also liking being home schooled. My favorite things to do with my time are riding my new bmx bike I bought, riding my mountain bike. I also like to play video games, ride my scooter and play sports outside.

In week two me, my dad and my brother built a ramp for our bikes but it was too high so we built a tabletop out of it ( we call it “the alligator” because it looks like one).

I have started this book series called mick morris myth solvers. I have one of my books signed by the people who made it.

For my cousin Alasdair’s birthday we did a drive by to say happy birthday and meet his new puppy Rashford.

On the weekends we have been going mountain biking. On our fourth time going I did all the climbs and got through the whole trail.

This was written by Ethan, who lives in Michigan, United States. 

United States

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