“It’s just as long as normal church”

Hi. My name is Ben. I am 5 years old.

It’s changed a lot here in Indiana. Luckily we can still go to things like nature parks to take walks.

We can’t go to church right now but luckily Indiana has found a way to do church even without going. For church meetings we use something called Zoom. And my dad, who is the pastor, makes church videos so we can have church and worship at home. It’s just as long as normal church and we still eat a snack during the service.

My mom can’t go to work, though she still gets to talk with the parents of the kids she was working with. Luckily my parents have thoughts of ways to keep this fun. Since Easter, my family has changed and we did a lot more Easter egg hunts.

We’ve also watched a lot of videos about working with electronics. One of the things I learned was regular peanut butter glows in the dark.

This was written by Ben (5), who lives in Indiana, United States. 

United States

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