“Life is way different now”

Hi my name is Theodore and I am 7 years old.I live in Ottawa.

My life is way different now. It’s SO different. I have to do a lot of garden work with my dad now and I like it. I can’t go near my cousins. But I like playing with my sister. And I have to do journal entries like this.

I don’t like the Coronvirus because it’s deadly. I’m happy being home, but I like school and seeing my friends. It’s not good to see my friends on Facebook messenger. I don’t like it because you don’t get to talk with them in person.

Homework is harder at home.

I wrote some letters to people in a nursing home because seniors are unhappy right now and I want to make them happy.

And I do NERF wars with my dad, which I kind of like.

This was written by Theodore (7), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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