“I was just starting to know people well”

Hello! I am 10 years old and from Ottawa, Canada. When things closed, I was kind of happy and thought it was just a long March break, but then I realized we couldn’t go anywhere.

I miss school, and video calls aren’t the same. I started at a new school in November and was just starting to know people well. Me and my sister do not get along very well, and I am lonely. My family walks my dog twice a day, and we play in our backyard, but that is the only time we go outside.

Today is cloudy, but is supposed to be 12 degrees Celsius! At least spring is coming! I have been trying to keep myself busy by doing schoolwork, reading, and listening to the news. I know I am lucky to be healthy and live in Canada, but I wish this never happened.

This was written by Elizabeth (10), who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 


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