“Once a week we have a virtual sleep over”

Being locked down is not that hard because I have a dog and I can go biking a lot. I’m watching movies and hanging with my family once everyone is done working. Majority of the day I’m outside or doing my homework and sometimes cleaning.

I miss hanging out with my friends, but I can still hang out with one of my friends as long as we stay 6 feet apart on our bikes or scooters which sucks.

I have a phone so I can facetime my friends, play video games with my friends and I’m keeping in touch with my cousins who live 3 hours away a lot. We started playing video games together and once a week we have a virtual sleep over and sometimes a Netflix party.

So far is hasn’t been too bad but hopefully this doesn’t go on too long so I can see my friends and play hockey again.

This was written by Oscar (11), who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


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