“I would rather go to school and have my real teacher back”

Hi, my name is Grant. I will be 9 years old in 5 weeks. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is sunny here but it is really cold. I have been spending a lot of time outside.

We have to stay home because of the Coronavirus, which makes people really sick. People who get sick have high fevers, get a bad cough, and go to the hospital. They get tested for Coronavirus and if they have it, they have to stay at the hospital for a long time and they might die. I’m not scared though because I know I am not going to get it any time soon. I’m just a kid and Coronavirus doesn’t affect kids as much as it does adults.

My parents and grandparents are all staying home. If they were to go places like school, restaurants, or friends’ houses, they might get sick.

I can’t go to baseball practice or gymnastics. Being quarantined might sound really good because you don’t have to go to school, but it’s actually very very boring. I have to do a lot of work like chores and e-learning. My mom is the teacher at home and I would rather go to school and have my real teacher back.

My e-learning takes 2 hours every day. I have to do my school work on my ipad at home. But really I just want to play my electronics like Minecraft and rocket league on my Nintendo switch. My mom made a rule that I can’t play my switch until after 2pm every day and all my work is done.

If I finish my work early, I play downstairs with new legos that my parents got me. I have to be a little quiet if my dad is on a call since he is working in our basement. Even though he’s home, he can’t really play with me because he is working. He does take a break if my baby sister Remi needs to potty, since she is potty training. Mom said we should teach her to use the potty since we’re all stuck at home anyways.

Most days, Dad goes to the school and picks up lunches for us. My favorite lunch is hamburgers which they have a lot. My least favorite lunches are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and turkey sandwiches, which they also have a lot.

On the weekends, my family has movie nights all the time now. We make popcorn and watch brand new movies like Trolls 2 and Onward. We couldn’t see them in the theater since we can’t go anywhere. But we have a popcorn machine and a big screen so it’s kind of the same. Except we can pause when we need a refill.

Yesterday, my dad took me to a flat parking lot and taught me to ride my bike without training wheels. I never fell once and it only took me 30 seconds to learn. My neighbor friends are learning too so I had been watching them to learn. Now I’m a pro at riding my bike.

Today our family played Monopoly and mom was the first one out. At the end, my sister landed on Boardwalk and had to pay me so I won the whole game!!

I really miss playing games with my friends at school. I get to see my grandparents in the driveway so I don’t really miss them. But I’m not allowed to get close to them or give them hugs. When the Coronavirus is over, I am looking forward to going out to eat with them again and staying overnight with them.

For spring break we were supposed to go to Arizona but we had to cancel our trip. I hope I get to go there again soon. There’s a pinball machine there and my name is on the leaderboard. I want to beat my old record.

We take trips to Florida a lot too but the beaches are closed now, I hope they open soon so we can go back. We are going to open the swimming pool at our house this week and I am going to swim a lot. It is supposed to be warm soon. This summer at home should be really fun.

This was written by Grant (8), who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. 

United States

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