“I will never get to go back to kindergarten again”

Hi. My name is Reese and I’ll be 7 years old next month. I live in Indiana, USA.

My dad is working from home. His computer is in our basement where we normally play. So we have to stay upstairs until he says we can go play down there- usually when he is off the phone.

Since my dad was home, yesterday he took our family over to a big parking lot so I could learn to ride my bike without training wheels. I was scared at first but it was actually really easy.

Even though we can play outside, we can’t go places like the grocery store or church, or gymnastics or dance, or my grandmas’ houses. That makes me feel sad because I can’t spend time with my grandparents or go places with them.

My little sister and I got a TV in our bedroom because we don’t have to go to bed early anymore. Now we get to sleep in and watch tv and play games a lot more than before.

I miss my teacher and my friends at school. I can’t give my teacher a hug everyday like I used to.

My daddy eats dinner with us every day now. We all talk about our good and bad things of the day, and dad plays games with us at the table. I love that we are all home now.

But I am sad that I will never get to go back to kindergarten again. I hope I get to see my friends and family soon.

This was written by Reese (6), who lives in Indiana, United States. 

United States

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