“I have found a new hobby”

Hi i am Imogen and recently it was my birthday and i turned ten.It was fun with the activities my parents planned me on the other hand i could not see my friends and most of my family.

A couple of days ago [near Easter]me and my mum painted rocks and hid them in the grass part of the park.

Right now i am really missing school [primary] even though it can be EXTREMELY boring i never thought i would say that i really miss it :] HOWEVER i am enjoying lock down because we have been doing fun things like mattress slides where we put mattresses down the stairs and slide in pillow cases which is fun [but you have to move things out of the way which can be annoying]

And i have found a new hobby that i really think is relaxing and it is air dry clay art . I do it in jars and it makes a good present [that you cannot send]

I am really missing not seeing my friends because they are really funny even though i can face time them it just does not feel right i mean they are not a mobile device plus i am missing actually going IN school then staying at home

i really hope we go back soon :[

This was written by Imogen (10), who lives in England.

Note from Jeni: This is the 100th story posted on The Kids Write! Thanks so much to all the amazing young writers for sharing their stories about life under lockdown!


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  1. Hello, Imogen. Let me say that I know exactly what you mean by facetiming isn’t the same. I’m turning 11 in July and I don’t want to have it in the middle of a virus. I know there are worse things but it’s hard when your still young. I love the rush of students in the hallway at the beginning of the school day, the yelling of kids at recess, the annoying boys that bug me and my friends to death. Things in life are like children toys, you don’t miss it until you can’t have it. When I was younger –8 or 9– I used to do clay. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I’ve grown out of it but I love baking/decorating cakes. I like it more than eating them. I know it may be hard but your going to get through this. We’ll get through this 6 feet apart.


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