“We kids never experienced this before”

I’m Breanna I’m in 3rd Grade and I have 8 years old. I live in Mississagua.

For me COVID 19 makes me feel like if I was trapped in a room and I couldn’t get out because being in the house not able to go anywhere is really new for me and I guess for other kids too because we kids never experienced this before well I don’t know if anybody has actually gone throw this before.

COVID 19 also makes me feel mad, and sad, because like your use to go to school, maybe go shopping and also everything happened so quick like one day everything was perfect the second day QUARENTINE!! and I just can’t take it but I know one day this will all go away …

Again when all of this is over I would like to see my friends again, have a sleep over with my BFF also go to the pool with my family, go to have a fancy dinner with my family have pizza hahahaha but it’s hard but I know I’m going to make it …

Thank you for listening to how I feel about coronavirus/COVID 19

This was written by Breanna (8), who lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


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